Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pulau Jarak

Pulau Jarak, located 34km southwest of the town of Lumut, Perak. This tiny island (barely 8 hectares in size) rises 50m above sea level. The fishing method usually done in Pulau Jarak are jigging, popping and bottom bashing. The mission here for us is to hunt for GTs (Giant Trevally) up the hook.

~~a great fishing trip begin with a beautiful sunrise~~


~~a nice morning make us all full of energy for the GT~~


~~the boat that bring us out to the sea~~


~~time to prepare for the mission~~


~~everyone is so busy luring the GT up the hook~~


~~big fish....we got something for our dinner :) ~~


~~even it was not a GT but will be happy enough to get it~~


~~who say girl cant fish & cant get big fish~~


Monday, 24 October 2011

Bersia Grazing Reserve

 People tend to get really lazy when they are supposed to get up for work. Speaking of doing what they love, its a total different thing when waking up at 4am with no complaints. Heard of the early birds catches the worm? Its when you will get to enjoy the beauty of nature. The pictures captured excites me. 

Bersia Grazing Reserve, which has an area of 300 hectares can only be reached by boat from Kg. Bersia which is 15 km from Gerik along the East West Highway.

Bersia Grazing Reserve

Who says girls can't fish after getting their mani pedi done?
Hold My Hand

 Waking up to a misty chilly, morning, being surrounded by the virgin tropical. One couldn't ask for more.
Bersia Grazing Reserve

Fishing takes all the patience out of the individual. Ever heard of the quote, "All you need to be a fisherman is patience and a worm"?

Part of the perks of the day, when you see the head lifted slightly above the calm surface of the water.

and getting it on your hook!

Tadaaaa! Check out the toman! It ain't enormously huge but its the catch that counts.
The Catch
 Getting busy with the fish!

Summer has got a bigger one!

Love the colour of its body!

At times its all about luck too.


Who would expect that it will rain? Its time to rest while waiting for the rain to stop.

... and the expedition of searching, waiting and fighting continues :)

The boys just won't leave if nothing is being hooked!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The MILF's Nest

Location: Zainxan Pro Fishing Centre
               169 Lebuh Pantai, 10300, Penang.

Elevation: 13.0 ft
N 05° 24.864' E100°20.294'