Sunday, 19 February 2012

Koh Lipe, Thailand

I always find it interesting when you get to do what the locals do. Putting fishing aside, you would probably notice that Thailand has got a thousand smiles offered to you regardless what you do. Having the helpful locals, despite the face that there might be a communication break down at times, regardless, Thailand is a beautiful country. The urge for their local cuisine and massages make me go back for more. Not every fishing trip start with the activity, where we do the necessaries before hitting the sea. Hence, one of it would be greeting the masseur. :D


In fact, Koh Lipe is just a small island located at the Southern part of the Andaman Sea, at the Satun province. Don't be surprise as Koh Lipe can be reached from Langkawi island as well ; approximately 60km from the mainland. Koh Lipe is part of the clustered over 70 islands of the Adang Archipelago.

Beautiful day for the sea.

We had two boats to cater for all of us :) Check out my significant tan :PPhotobucket

If one day I return to Koh Lipe, I will take a good shot of this scene. Hopefully its still there if I ever go back.Photobucket

Patience is virtue :PPhotobucket

Check out the catch! Its for dinner :D

Since we were heading out to the see, I decided not to bring my cam along. No hp, no camera! Yea, don't be surprise but I really did survive without those gadgets. But when I saw the sunset, I went ... !!! *hit head* Why didn't I bring along my camera? Lucky thing Alfonso brought his with him and best part was he wasn't using it!

Sunset 31082010

The Fisherman

We were kinda late for dinner. After washing up, yadda-yaddi, we were all ready by half-pass nine? Gosh! Places started to close and all, couldn't get a place for dinner but one! Well, we were left with no choice anyway.

Wine, fried rice and a night filled with laughters.

Welcome to the Bundhaya Resort. A place where there is no reception and purely depending on the satellite :) I dozed off right after dindin, after a long day out to the sea, guess I should be gearing myself up for the next day, a day to snorkel till the sun sets.